History of the Cross Border Bonspiel

All bonspiels have to start somewhere and ours started like a lot of them, a curling family and a lot of love for the game! It was during the 2013/14 season a team of North Hill curlers grew tired of the season ending by Easter. This team spiels a lot and leaves an impression everywhere they go...mostly good. After scouring the web, desperate to curl, they found a bonspiel in California. California!! Five or eight beers later they had plane tickets booked and were on their way to the Golden Gate Bonspiel put on by the SFBACC. They had no idea what they were in for but when they walked in the doors of the rink they felt right at home! They definetly left an impression...mostly good!


Fast forward to next season (insert Scooby Doo transition music). After regaling all of their club mates about the great time they had in a very foreign curling rink a challenge was laid down by the NHCC club manager. 'Get at least eight teams from the U.S. and you can have the ice Labour Day weekend'. Hmmmmmm we can do this!!!


Thanks to some amazing visitors that have traveled from all across California (San Francisco, Sacramento, Orange County), Alaska, Denver, Salt Lake City, Toronto, and Humboldt Saskatchewan, we have had two very successful spiels so far! A big thank you is owed to the local curlers who put their golf clubs down for a weekend and get out on the ice a month early. The two sides come together perfectly to make a great spiel filled with an ever growing curling family!